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Val d'Isère Agence Presentation


Val d'Isère Agence official statistics :

* 80 sales (starting at studios 60 000€ to exceptional chalets 15M€), carried out by the 3 negociators of its Sales Team.

* 4 000 contracts of holidays rentals (starting at studios 350€ / week to luxus chalets 30 000€ / week), supervised by 9 advisors of its Rental Department.

* 120 residences (4 000 apartments) upkept and maintained by 10 managers of its Apartment Building Management Service. 

Finally, 8 staff including its CEO, committed to managing human relations, accounts and back-office administration. 



Why go to Val d’'Isère Agence?

Val d’'Isère Agence has been THE bespoke estate agency since 1956. It focuses exclusively on Val d’'Isère, standing out in the property market for its expertise in:

- touristic rentals

- property sales and purchases

- management of apartment buildings and individual properties


Val d’'Isère Agence embodies the values of a family business, through the care, honesty and availability demonstrated by the team.


Every year, Val d'’Isère Agence welcomes over 30,000 clients in over 500 properties. Since 1956, and right up to today, the agency is the undisputed benchmark for property in Val d'’Isère. Every season, our team selects all types of apartments and chalets to suit your desires and budget.

A specialist advisor keeps you up to date and provides guidance and support from the start to the end of your stay.


All our 30 staff are based in or close to Val d’'Isère. An expert on the resort, who knows (almost) everything about the property business. It’s one of our cast-iron guarantees. Every department – sales, commercial letting and management, co-ownership or accountancy – has a manager who has been with us for at least 15 years.


In a nutshell, Val d’'Isère Agence provides:

  • Advice
  • Expert knowledge
  • Choice in the range of properties
  • We listen to you
  • Transparency
  • Honesty
  • Respect
  • Confidentiality


Who are Val d’'Isère Agence?

The Founders: André Degouey & Alain Degouey

Their successor and CEO: Jérôme Degouey

Investors: Christian, Brigitte and Ludovic Badey / Cédric Junod / Jérôme Degouey


They form the steering committee for each department:

  • Sales: Sandra Morel
  • Commercial rentals: Martine Pawik
  • Rental management: Sabine Bargy
  • Co-ownership: Patrice Pelissier
  • Accounts: Isabelle Coelho


Val d’'Isère Agence Company Information

Val d’'Isère Agence, DEGOUEY & Cie – Simplified Joint Stock Company with capital of €41,000
Registered Office: 73150 Val d’Isère
GALIAN PROPERTY GUARANTEE FUND No. 3411H 89, Rue de la Boétie 75008 PARIS
Professional Licences for property management and trading issued by the Préfecture de Savoie
Business Registration Number: Chambéry B 076 320 472 - Business Identification Number (SIRET) 076 320 472 00012 – Category Code APE 6831Z
Intra-community VAT No. FR 09 076 320 472
Establishment approved for Tourism under by-law No. HA 073970019

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