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Why Invest in Val d’Isère?

For its geographical location

Located at an altitude of 1,850 metres, the resort benefits from numerous weather fronts such as the “retour d’'Est,” that ensure plentiful snowfalls throughout the winter. Its “valley-floor” position close to the Italian border and the Vanoise National Park limits development, which has ensured constantly rising prices for over 60 years.

For its outstanding ski area

Renowned all over the world for the size and quality of its ski area, Val d’Isère has hosted the most prestigious competitions since their launch (Critérium de la 1ère neige, World Cup Skiing events, Winter Olympics, etc.).

For its authentic village setting

Val d’Isère is first and foremost a high-altitude mountain village, inhabited since the 18th century, enjoying an outstanding location close to several passes and the Italian border.

Since the 80's, an architectural charter requiring the use of local building materials in all construction (wood, lauze and stone) has been in place. This desire to preserve its heritage has helped Val d’Isère develop a loyal clientele, enchanted by the resort and passing on their love for this outstanding location from one generation to the next.

Val d’Isère not only means guaranteed downhill skiing all winter in an authentic, well-preserved environment, but also a reliable investment steadily increasing over time, unaffected by the usual property market fluctuations.

For economic reasons

  • With continuing instability in the stock market, investing in bricks and mortar in the right place, is still the best choice
  • Capital invested is guaranteed to gain value on resale
  • Many fortunes have been founded on property investment
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