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Our Team

Our Team

Patrice PELISSIER, head of the Apartment Building Property Management Department and his team:

Sandra BOCQUET manages AGMs and Co-owners Committee meetings for some of the apartment buildings, as well as handling insurance, lifts and heating.

Véronique PESENTI-GROS  manages AGMs and Co-owners Committee meetings for some of the apartment buildings

Justine CHIGOT has recently joined the team, managing a number of apartment buildings, including the holding of AGMs and Co-owners Committee meetings.

Stéphanie GATE SCHRECK prepares AGMs (invitations, minutes, etc.), manages the Co-owners administrative service including deeds and special files. She is the preferred point of contact with surveyors and notaires (government-appointed property lawyers).

Chloé MOUSSARD, manages a number of small, apartment buildings running the management committees and helping the administrators to prepare invitations, monitor dispute cases and legal proceedings, and providing the point of contact between property management committees and lawyers.

Séverine MACCHI, the departmental secretary and assistant, who shares her time between administrative (AGM invitations and minutes) and practical tasks, including visits to buildings and ensuring signing is in place.

Tristan VELTER, Works Department Manager, supervisor for maintenance and repair work covering the shell of buildings (weatherproofing and rendering) and their structure. Providing the link between businesses, tradesmen, architects and surveyors, she monitors mechanical and manual snow-clearing operations for apartment buildings as required, she manages the Maintenance Department of Val d'Isère Agence with Sunil PEYRON, ensuring quick call-outs to apartment buildings.

Ann-Hilde TORSTEINSEN handles the administrative and technical side of the department, dealing with various breakdowns (digital door codes, TV, lifts, keys, chimney sweeping and fire extinguishers, etc.).

Laura PIERRE handles the technical side of certain cases, including water and structural damage claims requiring surveys, management of senior staff and recruitment of personnel for apartment buildings (caretakers and other building employees), as well as assisting with welcoming customers and dealing with individual issues.

Solange SAVOYE, Property Management Department assistant, responsible for sending out AGM invitations and minutes.

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