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Q & A

1) Leaving your apartment for up to a week or not coming back before next season? Remember to:

  • Turn off hot and cold water stopcocks (for communal water supplies);
  • Turn off your electricity;
  • Fully close all windows and patio doors;
  • Turn all radiator valves off if you have communal heating.

All too often we see cases of water damage that could have been avoided.


2) Is your lift out of order?

Call your lift engineers directly at their call centre (the telephone and lift reference number are on the noticeboard in the building lobby).

You can also reach them by pressing the alarm button inside the lift, triggering the CCTV.


3) Have you caused or suffered water damage?

You can contact the company that deals with the plumbing in your building whose details are on the noticeboard in the building lobby. Then contact the person handling claims from the Val d’Isère Agence Property Management Department:


4) Disturbances at night in your building or on the street outside? Call:

  • The Police Municipale on: +33 (0)4 79 06 10 96
  • The Gendarmes on: +33 (0) 4 79 06 03 41 or 17


5) Do you have large items to throw out?

Take them to the recycling centre on the Bourg Saint Maurice past the Barrage de Tignes.

You can contact the Municipalité de Val d’Isère technical services, who collect weekly. Contact them on: +33 (0) 4 79 40 27 00.


6) Are you carrying out work on your own account within your apartment?

  • Work may only take place in the inter-season periods of May-June and September-November from Monday to Saturday and between 7.30am and 7.30pm, but not on Sundays or public holidays;
  • Remember to give keys to your property to the builder or tradesmen doing the work;
  • Remind them to protect the communal areas of the building and that the lift should not be used as a goods elevator;
  • If you are in a building with electric heating, remind them that the heater elements run through the concrete floors (drilling holes is not recommended);
  • Finally, all work that affects the communal areas must be authorised in advance at the AGM;
  • Also remember that site waste must be taken to the recycling centre.


7) Has your remote control stopped opening the garage door or barrier?

First check your battery; if the problem persists tell the Val d’Isère Agence Property Management Department.


8) Are you unable to attend the next AGM?

Use the attached proxy form to nominate the person of your choice to represent you.

All too often, decisions cannot be taken due to the lack of a quorum.


9) Is insurance mandatory?

Yes, you must have valid household insurance for your property, including your storage cellar, ski locker and garage. Your insurance must include civil liability for owner occupied and non-owner occupied.


10) Do I need smoke detectors inside my apartment?

All owners were required to install smoke detectors in their property before 9/03/2015 (installation date extended to 1/01/2016). Use detectors that comply with NF and CE standards with guaranteed 5-year battery life – or better still 10 years.

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